As a human being, I strive to understand what it means to be happy and what it means to achieve one's deepest ambitions. Throughout my life, I have explored these concepts and have come to the relative conclusion that as individuals, we have to power to change our minds for the better every day and in every way. 

I graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in July 2015, and since then, I have been exploring the subconscious mind and how we can work with the information it provides us with in order to create a genuine state of health and happiness. Hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool we can use to achieve optimal health and send us in the right direction to achieve our life goals. 

When I'm not helping people achieve their deepest ambitions, I enjoy playing the piano, traveling to exciting new places, playing with my dog, and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

~ Maya Ormston, CMS-CHt, FIBH