Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind, with numerous beneficial characteristics.

Throughout many different cultures and all throughout time, hypnosis and similar states of mind have been used to heal many different psychological and medical problems. By entering the unique state of consciousness we call hypnosis, we can open a new door to unlimited possibilities for self-exploration, understanding, healing, and transformation.

When in a state of hypnosis, an individual can silence their 'monkey mind,' another term for our inner mental critic. Throughout this process, we can access a higher percentage of our subconscious thoughts and ideas, as well as tap into deeper areas of our knowledge and intuition. As this happens, the hypnotherapist can introduce new, positive ideas and visualizations into the subconscious for it to take in as a new mental resource that may not have been present before the hypnosis experience.


Hypnosis is a powerful healing technique that can help with the following:

  • Anxiety Relief

  • Stress Reduction

  • Stabilize Emotions

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Improve Overall Mood

  • Improve Self Control

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Sports Performance Enhancement

  • Increase Confidence

  • Pain Control

  • Accelerating Healing

  • Weight Management

  • Reverse Traumas and Phobias

  • Boost Immune System Function

  • Balance Bodily Functions

  • Accelerate Learning and Test-Taking

  • Regain Natural Sleep Pattern

  • … And More!